Address: 6553 W 400 North, Greenfield, IN 46140


NMW, Inc. is one of the country's most trusted fabricators of concrete related expansion joint filler products in the country. Located in Indiana, with a second facility in the Northeast, NMW, Inc. has been supplying its customers with top quality products, unparalleled customer service, and competitive pricing since 1983. At NMW, Inc., we specialize in concrete expansion joint products such as Crosslink and non-crosslink polyethylene; neoprene sponge; solid, rebonded, open cell, and Reflex(R) rubber; standard and self-expanding cork; a full line of backer rod; and a comprehensive pool line, as well as concrete accessories like ZipStrip, VoidCap, spray adhesive, backer rod insertion tools, and foam tapes. Open five days a week, our skilled and dedicated team is ready and able to meet all of your job-specific needs. Are you a contractor? No fear! NMW, Inc. works with an extensive list of distributors including large suppliers, dealers, and ready mixers.


NMW, Inc. was co-founded in 1983 by Ed Koch. At the time, NMW, Inc. focused primarily on synthetic fibers and was responsible for developing Nycon®, the first commercially available nylon fiber for concrete secondary reinforcement. For many years, NMW, Inc. was a localized marketer of synthetic fibers for concrete, concentrating on Indiana and the surrounding states.

In 1995, NMW, Inc. began to focus on the marketing and distribution of polyethylene foam as expansion joint filler in the construction industry. As we have grown and evolved, we have added various other materials to completely fill out our expansion joint products line. We are one of the few manufacturers in the nation that make expansion joints.